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  About Me...  

     I consider myself extremely lucky to have spent the last five years being educated on two of my favourite subjects; programming and video games.

     I recently graduated with a Specialization in Computer Science and a Minor in Game Design from the University of Western Ontario, and I'm now ready and willing to plunge myself into a position in the game development industry.

     I've grown to love game developers like childhood heroes, and spend most of my time conceptualizing, programming, or playing games. It's where my heart lies, and I'm not afraid to admit that to anyone, regardless of how nerdy I come off.

     In addition to video games, I also very much enjoy board games - I find their design fascinating.

     I also have an unnatural love for listening to and creating music as a hobby. I was active in our school's marching band throughout the entirety of my University career, both as a musician and a member of its executive council. It was incredibly enjoyable to be able to do something I love and represent my school at the same time. © 2010